Get Professional Excavating Services

Are you looking for quality excavation services? Look no further. Let us assist you with all of your residential and commercial excavation needs. You can count on our highly-skilled technicians to carry out your excavation projects with ease. With more than four decades of experience, we make sure you get top-quality workmanship on projects of any size.

We have a fully maintained fleet of equipment to carry out small and big excavation projects. Choose us to get the best skilled and experienced professionals from our team to deliver the results you want quickly and efficiently. Contact us now for FREE estimates on our excavation works.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Excavation Needs

Our trained technicians at Litzau Excavating Inc are experienced to meet your specific needs, whether it is driveway excavation or basement digging. 

We offer excavation services for large and small projects.

•  Basement digging
•  Driveway and road building
•  Snowplowing
•  Backhoe services
•  Ditch cleaning
•  Land clearing and raking
•  Ponds and dams
•  Manure lagoons
•  Culvert installation
Call us at
320-395-2467 to schedule an appointment.
Save time by getting your job done in a timely-manner. 
We stick to our deadlines.
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